“My Life in Five Years”

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Actually, I would like to getting marrige in the next five years. To be honest, To get marrige with a spouse which is a nice woman is the most important thing in my life.

Firstly, to get marrige I should work one of the good company after graduation in Univ. To be honst, I wander I will be one of the great R&D engineer in big company. It will be easy to get a nice spouse for me. Above all, if it is possible to have opportunity in 5 years, I’d like to have a good girl as soon as possilbe. Secondly,I will plan to find my house which will stay together after I found my lover. Specially, I want to live around  Seoul.

Because it will be fun and I can have many Activity near Seoul. It is alse convenient in my life. I will go lots of travels wherere I want as soon as possible in 5 years. So I will save many money from a future job and then I will go abroad with my lover.

Personally, I will be a generous guy to others, specially with a lover.

 finally, I will keep in touch with peers. So I will join some social group like volunteering group in 5 years. I can go that!


“Three Things I Would Like to Learn”

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Aging Society

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An aging society means that the majority of the working and tax paying population is getting older than before. A recent study showed that population aged between 25 and 49, who can work most actively, will decrease beyond high population peakof this years. It also forecast that it is difficult to maintain the current population level in the future because of a lower birth rate in advanced countries. According to the prevented publication, the population between 15 and 64, who work, pay taxes and generally are the biggest spenders, will fall after peak of 2016. Because marriage age is rising, 46 percent of women between 25 and 29 are not married . And 70 percent of the entire woman is 20’s are single, estimated the prevented publication.

Modern times face many problem that growth of standard of life as the standard of life improves, medicine has increased our life span increases gradually the average span of a man’s life. An aging going society is one in which more than 7% of the populatin is above 60 years old rate of whole population.  Korea is rapidly aging as the elderly already make-up 10% of the population.

It is important problem in our society, I think. I will describe as following reasons.  An aging society is confronted with many problems. Firstly, there is a decrease in the working population. Secondly, too much support responsibility for un-work population of work population, the third, there is a rapid decrease in the numver overall birthrate of population-by reason of birth population drop.

Let’s example for this chart which will give specific imformation about an aging population in different countries!!

On the other hand, most of oldery people think that an aging is just a number to them. Above all, they would like to work contiously in their work field because most of oldery people can work well and still have good healthy body. 

Let’s look at one video.


Homework Research Question 

What is the King’s English?

How is it important to the founding principles of the United States?


Music and Lyrics (2007)

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I will recommend to you about one of the  best movie.

The movie’ name is “Music and lyrics.” It is a kind of Romantic movies I think. You can see some great stars/actors came from this movie specially, Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore

Director Marc Lawrence’s romantic comedy gently satirizes the music industry’s past and present via Hugh Grant’s Alex Fletcher, a has-been Rock of the ’80s icon given another shot at the charts by young pop diva Cora Corman. Grant gives some surprisingly credible–if often gently tongue-in-cheek–performances in his musical debut; indeed, he carries better than half the soundtrack with his earnest vocal charms. The production gets key help from Fountain of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger, who contributes a delicious, loving send-up of Wham! courtesy of “Meaningless Kiss,” the emotive piano confessional “Don’t Write Me Off,” and two versions of “Way Back into Love,” the comeback ballad/duet that drives the story line. A playful demo version of the latter pairs Grant with co-star Drew Barrymore (playing the florist who becomes Fletcher’s unlikely songwriting foil), while Grant’s ultimate duet with young Bennett evokes contemporary pop conceits with a keen, affectionate flair that also graces the young singer’s Britney-esque “Buddha’s Delight,” “Slam,” and the more obviously snaky “Entering Booty town.” Rounding out the collection are a pair of complimentary tracks by Swedish pop acts: The Sounds’ bouncy “Tony the Beat” and the club-slinky groove of Teddy bears’ “Different Sound.” Highlighted by Grant’s sympathetic vocals and a knowing musical sensibility that never quite lapses into mere parody, it’s a pop-lover’s delight from start to finish.

It was a great movie if you want to watch wherever you want. I’d like to recommend to you this movie  if you like to watch romantic movies.

The most influential person

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There are a lot of great people in Korea history. Among them, to be honest I would like to recommend the most influential person. He is “Yi Sun-Shin” He was the best General in Korea as most people considered.

Firstly, when we were hard time like Japanese invasion in 1592, He won lots of wars in Korea at that time.Above all, he kept our country. That is why I choose him. Without him, I don’t want to image we were live with Korea name here.

secondly,and on additionally, He wanted to make some special ship in Korea. There is the Geobukseon which was the battleship of horror. It was the cause of the Japanese naval forces always losing. The indomitable battleship, of the Joseon Dynasty, always aided in bringing home victories. To be honest Yi Sun-Shin didn’t invent The Geobukseon all alone. There were a number of people that participated in the construction of the Geobukseon. Na Dae-Yong, who lived from 1556 to 1612, played the most important role pertaining to practical work amongst the assistants.

Finally “The War Diary,” by Chungmugong, Yi Sun-Shin recorded the events in the camps for seven years. The recordings began Jan. 1, 1592, the Japanese’ invasion of Korea, and ended Nov. 17, 1598, when Admiral Yi died in the Noryang Naval Battle.

Describe a vacation my took!

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When I had  a vacation time before one year, I had  an amazing time for me and my friends. Do you want to know what was my special vacation? I will say to you as following sentences now. As you can see my major, engineering, I couldn’t meet some beautiful girls in my major field. So I planed to go Jeju island with my 4 friends who are same major and 5 beautiful girls who are Dong-duk girls Univ students. When we arrived in the island with peers, we lent a great car which is a litte expensive and then we drove all places of Jeju island for 3 days. I think that I felt good with the beatch view in Jeju. As soon as We arrived near one beatch which was  one of the great beatch in Jeju island, We played lots of activities like beatch ball Game, a swimming, running(?)and so on. After that, we ate lots of nice foods. It was so good experience for me. Because of this time, I had my girl friend.  

Describe something(not someone)that makes you happy.

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When I usually feel bad, I’d like to eat a ice cream. A taste of some suger made me to feel good. Specially, I usually eat ice cream in order to solve out my stress. And then I feel good. It is  easy to find everywhere like convenience store, supermarket. Above all, I think that one of the important things is good price so it is so cheaper than other something which can be made happliy.As soon as I let me down, I want to eat a ice cream so it doesn’t consider how many time I can try to eat. To be honest,I want to say  one time per a day if you really want to know about it. If you want to solve out some stress like me, I would like to recommend to you with the ice cream.